FAQ (22)

I like your SDK. How to buy your license?

Use our order form with desired support period. Our sales manager will provide you with a price quote and link to buy the license.

I want a free softphone.

Our solution is a commercial Software Development Kit to quickly build a custom softphone solution for your company or distribute it to your customers under your brand.

I want to make free calls to mobile phones in other countries.

You should consider buying sip service from one of the providers. ABTO Software offers a solution to build sip client that can be used with such sip account.

I need a webphone.

Please contact us to receive webphone version details.

Can I distribute the customized softphone free of charge?

Yes, after purchasing our license you are free to distribute as many copies of your softphone on the basis of our SDK as you need with no additional payment.

Where should I start?

Go to “c:\Program Files\Abto, LLC\VoIP VIDEO SIP SDK\binary\” folder and start one of the available ready-to-use sample softphones. For example, you can start our MlSampleWindowCPP.exe. You can edit this sample “c:\Program Files\Abto, LLC\VoIP VIDEO SIP SDK\MlSampleWindowCPP”.

I did not receive your download link.

Please contact us and we will provide you with all details.

My trial has expired.

Please contact our representative and will give you another trial license.

How to register VoIP SIP SDK on my machine?

a. “Run as administrator” ‘Command Promt’ application
b. Type command   cd “c:\Program Files\Abto, LLC\VoIP VIDEO SIP SDK\binary”
c. Type command   regsvr32 SIPVoipSDK.dll

How to register sipphone on target machine?

a.    For successful registration you need following files (from SDKs folder “binary”):

b.    For successful work you also need (from SDKs folder “binary”):
codec_*.dll                         <-select needed
Make sure that codecs dll’s are in the same folder as SIPVoIPSDK.dll.

How to change softphone skin?

a. Replace files in “c:\Program Files\Abto, LLC\VoIP VIDEO SIP SDK\binary\Skin” or “c:\Program Files\Abto, LLC\VoIP VIDEO SIP SDK\binary\SkinVideo”

b. Edit the file “c:\Program Files\Abto, LLC\VoIP VIDEO SIP SDK\binary\MlSampleSkinCPP.skin”

If you need more complex changes, please contact us .

Can I make calls to other sip phones from your sip client?

Yes, absolutely. You can call to other sipphones using our application.

Which codecs are available for your softphone? Can I use other codecs?

Please check the codecs list on our Features list or open Settings of the softphone. Please contact us to consult about using other codecs.

I do not have audio devices on the machine. What should I do?

The SDK allows to work without audio devices on machine.

All you need to do is to find line “LocalAudioEnabled=1″ in phoneCfg.ini and replace it with “LocalAudioEnabled=0″ or via source code set to 0 property value IConfig::LocalAudioEnabled.

I cannot register on SIP Server.

First of all, please check whether all registration credential and other settings are right are correct. Also please check firewall settings and try different network interface in the softphone settings.

Contact us for details.

Remote side can hear me, but I am not able to hear them.

Please try different network interface in the softphone settings.

The sound quality is not satisfying.

Please go to Settings of the softphone and try different Echo cancellation, Noise reduction, and Auto gain control settings.

I cannot use my mp3 file with your softphone.

Contact us and we will provide you with a solution to convert mp3 file to WAV file that can be used with our softhpone.

Does your SDK support audio stream?

If you would like to play audio buffer instead of wav file – yes, SDK supports this. Look at the method IAbtoPhone: PlayBuffer, and sample application MlSampleWindowCPP with example how to use it.

I want to make calls to countries with blocked VoIP.

a. Establish VPN connection. You need to setup one more system wide “Local area connection”. We recommend to solve this task using OpenVPN (look more )

b. Start and configure our sipphone with VPN settings. This task is not very difficult. You have just set SDK’s network interface setting equal to connection name, created on previous stage.
Contact us if you have problems with doing these tasks.

I want to send and receive faxes online.

Please contact us to try our T38 Modem solution.

I need something else.

Please send us a detailed description of your business need and we will help you with your project.